They are cells with the ability to proliferate and self-renew. They are able to generate cells that can differentiate at least in one particular lineage.

Se encarga de repairing and regenerating Organs, Bones, Tissue, Skin and Hair,they are highly migratory and are attracted to damaged areas.



- They promote the formation of new blood vessels

- They activate the growth and reproduction of the cells themselves in each tissue

- The inhibit the death of the cell


- They regulate inflammation

- They increase the potential of the immune system

- They help in autoimmune diseases


- Anyone can receive them

- They do not provoke rejection

- They do not provoke an allergic reaction

Where are they found?

Human Stem Cells can be found in different tissue, among the most studied are:





What is Human

Stem Cell Therapy?

It consists in using the renewal ability that Stem Cells have to identify the damaged tissue or organ and regenerate it.

The benefits that Cell Therapy offer us are many, as they are cells with a greater ability of regeneration and renovation, and which have a longer average of life expectancy. There does not exist the problem of incompatibility as Adult Human Stem Cells do not recognize the rest of the tissues as foreign, for that reason they do not cause rejection. These cells allow us to multiply them (cell expansion) to obtain millions and billions.

The dose of Adult Stem Cells is applied intravenously, intra-arterially, intrathecally or intralesional. The most common is intravenously, it does not require the patient to be hospitalized as it takes between 5 to 30 minutes approximately. The duration of Cell Therapy and the number of applications vary depending on the type of sickness and the progress of the patient in the undergoing treatment.

Stem Cells have a regenerative ability, they can restore the functionality of the tissues and organs, the grade of regeneration and improvement depend on each patient individually. In some cases, this can mean a significant improvement. In general, it has been documented that improvements range from 30 to 90%.

Our Cell Therapy treatments are personalized and depending on the need of each patient are accompanied by complementary therapies, these complementary therapies not only create a suitable environment to find the cells in the patient’s body, but also generate the effect of wellbeing a lot earlier than if only they were treated with Cell Therapy alone. Hyperbaric Medicine, Chelation Therapy, Platelet Rich Plasma, Integral Diabetes Treatment.

Quality Control

1. Donor Selection

Donor candidates undergo various tests that guarantee tissue quality.

2. Cell Quality Control

Distinct specialized tests are carried out by authorized third party laboratories therefore assuring the sample’s quality.

1. Quantitative Serological Tests2. Flow Cytometry 3. Mycoplasma 4. Endotoxins 5. Cell Viability

3. Cells

While the cells are maintained in cultivation, they are monitored to guarantee cellular harmlessness.

4. Quality Certificate

In Cryovida each package of dose that is sent, is accompanied with the Quality Certificate according to the batch of treatment.

In CryoVida we have discovered different fronts which we can apply Cell Treatment with Significant Results

In which sicknesses can we apply Cell Treatment?

The treatment is known for its effectiveness in treating Chronic Degenerative, Autoimmune and Neurological sicknesses, Infertility and for its use in Anti-ageing. As well as anyone that would like to improve their quality of life and/or improve their appearance.

We have been witnesses of unmeasurable testimonies with Excellent Results in: Diabetes, Arthritis, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, Migraine, Facial Paralysis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue, Lumbago, Fibromyalgia, Lyme, Leptospirosis, Disc Hernias, Premature Patients, among others.

Clinical Applications