Cryovida Human Stem Cell Bank; we are an integrative Cooperation with more than 16 years of experience, pioneers in Mexico in the development of Regenerative Treatments using Human Mesenchymal Stem cells.

Currently more than 1,000 Doctors and Health Specialists collaborate with us around the Republic of Mexico taking health to their patients through our Human Stem Cell Treatments and so further developing the investigation in this medical field.

We also have the privilege to be the only corporation that has 4 Doctor Honoris Causa from distinguished institutes, for our input of solid medical investigation in the area of Regenerative Medicine.

We have also been given the award of:” Sol de Oro” on behalf of the Mexican Reporters Association in 2018, for excellence and quality of work in the Regenerative Medicine field.

In 2017 we received International Recognition on behalf of the UNCEMA, Mexican University and APEN-B Barcelona, Spain for being the first Medical Cooperation Certified with Curricular Value in the Use of Human Stem Cells to Mexican Doctors.

Finally, but not at all least, we are proud to belong to the most important Human Stem Cell Society of Latin America, SOLCEMA; and to collaborate in the development of The International Symposium of Human Stem Cells in Mexico.

In CryoVida we rely on more than 16 years of experience, in which we have achieved our standing as the laboratory with the highest production in Human Mesenchymal Stem cells in Latin America.

We started as a laboratory focused on animals with excellent results, which opened the way into the investigation of Human Stem Cells. Over the years we have achieved the highest and most complete quality in our endorsed production by third party laboratories that count on the COFEPRIS authorization, giving us alone the 3 permits that currently exist in the handling and development of Regenerative Medicine, based on obtaining, expansion and application of (Human) Mesenchymal Stem cells.